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Friday, 08 July 2011 21:44


How to create a smoke  appearing Text Effect In Flash 8

This tutorial shows you how to create a smoke appearing text effect for your flash banners.

1. Prepare:

- You have a picture that you like.

- You are using Flash 8 .

2. Follows to steps:

Step 1: - Create a new flash document and save it as smokeTextEffect.fla. Go then to Modify >> Document (Ctrl+J) and set dimensions  401 x 266.

Step 2: - Rename your only layer bg. In the first frame import a 401 x 266 picture you desire for background. I have imported a flower picture into the stage as a background.

Step 3: - Select the Text Tool (T) and choose Static text as Text Type, Arial  size 44 and any color you want (I choosed #FFFF00) . For example, I want to choose lessonflash.com for may text. then draw a text field onto the stage where you desire.

Step 4: - Write in the Text field lessonflash.com and when it is still selected choose Modify >> Break Apart (Ctrl+B) then right-click and click Distribute to Layers from the contextual menu.

Step 5: -. Now you should move the bg layer to below the others layers (just click it and drag it down).

 Break Apart Flash text effect

Step 6: - Now for each letter go back to frame 1, select the text and go to the Filters (next tab to Properties), click the plus button and select Blur. Set Blur X: 100, Blur Y:100


Step 7: - Click the first frame of the L layer, go to the Properties panel and choose Tween: Motion. Go to the frame 10 and insert a new Keyframe (F6). Now select the text from here and move it with 20 pixels down (from the Properties panel add 20 to the Y property). Select the text and go to the Filters, click the Blur and Set Blur X: 0, Blur Y:0.smoketexteffect3.gif

Step 8: - Great job! Repeat step 7 for the rest of the letters but for each letter add numberletter*10 to number of frames from example (where numberletter represents the place of the letter in tutorial5 word - for example o letter is the fourth).

Step 9: - Test the movie now and see your flash smoke appearing text effect :)!

This is my result:

I hope you are funny with this lesson.

3. Watch the Video for this lesson:

>>>>>How to create A shine text effect in Flash CS3

Gookluck for you.

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