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Tuesday, 05 July 2011 18:57


How to make the Moon  runs around the Earth  by  Using  Flash 8

How are you to day? I hope you are funny this lesson. In this lesson, http://lessonflash.com will help you to make the Moon runs around the Earth   by using a pathin tween in Flash 8 or flash CS3,.v.v..You can add curves to a motion tween by using motion guide. To create The Moon  that moves around the Earth , Please follow these steps.

Step 1: Draw  the red sun in Layer 1, Using  Oval Tool ,  Draw a  large circle . You can call  it “ Earth” I think you can find a picture about Earth on Internet then import It into stage.


Step 2. Open layer 2. Draw  the yellow  Moon  in Layer 2 by using  Oval Tool ,  Draw a  small circle . You can call  it “ moon”, Then, you  convert it into a movie clip by selecting it and press F8.>>>OK

Step 3. Open layer 3. Draw  the  black Elip  in Layer 3 by using  Oval Tool ,  Draw a  small elip . You  choose Eraser Tool to  delete the line  which we can’t see behind the Earth .


Step 4. Create a new motion guide layer.

Motion guide

Step 5. In the motion guide layer, draw a circle with the oval tool (don’t use fill color).

Motion guide circle

Step 6. At the top of the circle, erase a small portion.

Step 7. Drag the ball into the motion guide circle (look at the picture). Be sure to drag the Moon by clicking the center of the ball (a small circle in the center of the Moon). Ensure that you have snapping turned on.

Step 8. In the motion guide layer, insert a frame to frame 50 (select the frame and press F5).
Step  9. In the Moon’s layer, insert a keyframe to frame 50 (select the frame and press F6).
Step  10. In frame 50 of the Moonl’s layer, drag the ball to the other side of the motion guide circle.

Step 11. Create a motion tween in the Moon’s layer.

Create motion tween

Step  12. Test the movie by hitting Ctrl + Enter.

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