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Tuesday, 05 July 2011 18:31


How to draw a car using  basics of Flash tweening.

Now , Hi everybody.
Today, http://lessonflash.com will help you to draw a car that it can move from A to B . Its is useful for you to have basic lesson about learning  flash. The result of this lesson is the car  that you want in your Flash movie to move from the left side of the stage to the right side of the stage. Here are the steps that you need to follow to accomplish that in Flash 8, Flash CS3,…
Step 1: Open a new file. After opening up a new Flash movie, from the Insert menu, select "New Symbol". Save as with named that you want . For example: car
Step 2: Using line tool , brush Tool, rectangle tool to draw a car.

Step 3: Convert it into a movie clip (select it and press F8) and move it to the left  side.

Step 4: Insert a keyframe to frame 40  (select the frame and press F6).

Step 5: Select frame 40 (just click it in the timeline if it’s not already selected) and move the car to the right side of the stage.

Step 6: Right click on any frame between 1 and 40 (could also be 1 or 40).

Step 7: Select ”Create motion tween”.

Step 8: To test the movie, hit Ctrl + Enter.

That’s all, your  car can move from left to right side of stage . You can export it into .swf file.

This is an example.

I hope you are happy with this lesson.


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