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Learn Flash 8: Unit 1: What is Flash 8? Why do I have to learn Flash ? PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Thursday, 21 April 2011 04:54

Learn Flash 8: Unit 1: What is Flash 8? Why do I have to learn Flash ?

In this tutorial I take you step-by-step through the process of creating this Flash Professional 8 movie. You will learn how to create graphics, work with layers, and add motion, sound, and text to your movie.

You will need Flash Professional 8 to take this tutorial. If you do not have a copy of Flash Professional 8, you can download the trial version by clicking here.

This is an example


To begin, open Flash Professional 8. You will be presented with the screen shown here.

Flash entry screen

Click Flash Document. The screen shown here appears:

Flash screen

The upper left corner of the screen displays the Tools palette, which contains tools you can use to create or modify graphics and text. You select a tool by clicking on it. Tool modifiers for the selected tool display below the Tools palette. You use modifiers to set tool options.

The Timeline appears in the upper portion of the screen. You use the Timeline to lay out the sequence of your movie.

The Stage displays in the center of the screen. You create your movie on the Stage.

Movie Properties

You start creating your movie by setting the Frame Rate, Dimensions, Background Color, and Ruler Units.

Frame Rate

The speed of the movie


The size of the Stage

Background Color

The color of the Stage

Ruler Units

The unit of measure the ruler displays

You set these properties in the Movie Properties dialog box. To set the properties for the movie you are going to create:

  1. Choose Modify > Document from the menu. The Document Properties dialog box opens.
Document Properties
  1. Type 400 px in the Width field.
  2. Type 400 px in the Height field.
  3. Click the Background color box and choose white as the background color.
  4. Type 12 in the Frame Rate field.
  5. Choose Pixels from the drop-down menu in the Ruler Units field.
  6. Click OK.
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