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Ebooks for FLASH 9: Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns PDF Print
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Monday, 18 April 2011 14:06

Ebooks for FLASH 9:  Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns


The title of this book says that it is about advanced ActionScript 3.0 with design patterns. It's always a little misleading to call something advanced. What we mean when we say that this book is about advanced ActionScript 3.0 is that it steps beyond the standard introductions and API references to discuss topics not normally within the scope of those basic texts. As such, we necessarily make some assumptions about you, the reader. We assume that you already understand basic programming and ActionScript 3.0 principles, including, but not limited to, variables, expressions, statements, objects, inheritance, and how to write basic classes.

In many ways, this book starts where most books leave off in regards to objectoriented Action Script. Although many books might discuss how to write a class, this book talks about the different ways you can design a class. This book talks about when, why, and how to use composition and inheritance, and how classes relate to one another to form patterns.

What are there on this ebook:
  • Chapter 1. How to Design Applications
  • Chapter 2. Programming to Interfaces
  • Chapter 3. MVC
  • Chapter 4. Singleton
  • Chapter 5. Factory (Abstract Factory and Factory Method)
  • Chapter 6. Proxy
  • Chapter 7. Iterator
  • Chapter 8. Composite
  • Chapter 9. Decorator
  • Chapter 10. Command
  • Chapter 11. Memento
  • Chapter 12. State
  • Chapter 13. Working with Events
  • Chapter 14. Sending and Loading Data
  • Chapter 15. E4X (XML)
  • Chapter 16. Regular Expressions
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