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Free Ebook: Flash Cinematic Techniques PDF Print
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Sunday, 17 April 2011 04:59

Free Ebook: Flash Cinematic Techniques


Apply universally accepted cinematic techniques to your Flash projects to improve the storytelling quotient in your entertainment, advertising (branding), and educational media. A defined focus on the concepts and techniques for production from story reels to the final project delivers valuable insights, time-saving practical tips, and hands-on techniques for great visual stories. Extensive illustration, step-by-step instruction, and practical exercises provide a hands-on perspective.
Explore the concepts and principles of visual components used in stories so you are fluent in the use of space, line, color, and movement in communicating emotion and meaning. Apply traditional cinematography techniques into the Flash workspace with virtual camera movements, simulated 3d spaces, lighting techniques, and character animation. Add interactivity using ActionScript to enhance audience participation.

* A unique focus on the principles and techniques of the visual art in storytelling.
* Concepts are illustrated with deconstruction of technical issues, step-by-step instruction, and exercises.
* CompanionCD-ROM contains digital examples and media files for exercises

"Chris Jackson has a remarkable talent for explaining complicated visual concepts so that anyone can easily digest and incorporate them into their daily workflow. Flash Cinematic Techniques is yet another of Chris' books I recommend keeping within arm's reach for that daily dose of knowledge and inspiration." --Chris Georgenes, Art & Animation Director, Mudbubble, LLC
What 's on this ebook?
  • Chapter 1. Show, Don’t Tell Me a Story
  • Chapter 2. Get Into Character
  • Chapter 3. Give Me Space
  • Chapter 4. Direct My Eye
  • Chapter 5. Don’t Lose Me
  • Chapter 6. Move the Camera
  • Chapter 7. Light My World
  • Chapter 8. Speak to Me
  • Chapter 9. Interact with Me
  • Chapter 10. Optimize and Publish
Where is the link to download  this ebook?
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