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VCDs For beginner: Adobe Flash MX Computer Training - CD1 PDF Print
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Saturday, 16 April 2011 02:41

VCDs For beginner: Adobe Flash MX Computer Training - CD1

1. Infomation about this VCD

Today, http://lessonflash.com want to offer you 3 vcds  for beginner  who start to study  Flash . These 3 VCDs wiil help you step - by - step to learn Flash. They are written in English Video.So that , They are easy and very useful for you to watch.  It will help you to learn  Adobe Flash MX Computer Training
Keyko Self-Paced Training in Adobe Flash MX optimized for Windows XP and Apple Macintosh OS X.
The Keyko's Training mission is to demystify the Flash MX infinite options and let you create the kind of animations that others look at and say, "Wow, How did you do that?"
These interactive 3 CD-ROMs are written to make your journey into Adobe Flash MX 2004 flexible and self-paced.
There are  12 Chapters, 122 Lessons, 968 Steps fully detailled, 100 Quizzes Tests  For you in these VCDS
Keyko has created training CD-ROMs that can help anyone get comfortable with computer software.
This new training is "Optimized to Windows XP", but the DVDs is compatible with Windows 98, 2000 and NT, and Apple Macintosh MAC OS X.

2. What subjects are there in this VCD?

Adobe Flash MX Computer Training - CD1

1. How to use this software
2. Begin to learn

  • - Flash basic
  • - What is inside Flash menu
  • - Touring Flash 's Tool
  • - Touring Flash's pannels
  • - Dwaring with Flash
  • - Libraries and Symbols
  • - Managing the Time line
  • - Animation and Motion  Tweens
  • - Button and Movie - Clips
  • - Addingsound toyour movies
  • - Using action Script
  • - Advanced Setup
3. Flash MX quizzes
4. About us
5. Other Keyke Self - paced Training
6. Our advice to learn fast...and well
7.About this Training software

Step By Step inc., the Maker of Keyko training software.
3. Where is the link fo me to download?
Please, Click here to download
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