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Lesson Flash: Super Waterfall Image Effect PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 07:48

Lesson Flash: Super Waterfall Image Effect

In this flash lesson, I will show You how to create waterfall image effect. You don't have to use action script code to make this lesson. Let's start!

Step 1

First, save the image below that we will use for this lesson as background.

Step 2

Create a new flash document. Press Ctrl+J key on the keyboard (Document Properties) and set the width of your document to 440 pixels and the height to 275 pixels. Select any color as background color. Set your Flash movie's frame rate to 62 and click ok.

Step 3

Call the current layer image. Double-click on its default name (Layer 1) to change it. Press Enter once you have typed in the new name!

Step 4

Choose now File > Import > Import to stage (Ctrl+R) and import image that you just saved in step 1 into a flash stage. While the image is still selected, go to the Align Panel (Ctrl+K) and do the following:

1. Make sure that the Align/Distribute to Stage button is turned on,
2. Click on the Align horizontal center button and
3. Click the Align vertical center button.

Step 5

While the image is still selected, hit F8 key (Convert to Symbol) to convert it into a Movie Clip Symbol.

Step 6

Click now on frame 60,65,70 and 105 and hit F6 key.

Step 7

While You're still on frame 105, select the Selection Tool (V) and click once on the image to select it.Then, go to the Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3) below the stage. Select Filters tab from the left side. Click after that on the plus icon and select the Blur filter. Make the adjustments as follows:

Step 8

Go back on frame 1 and 65 and repeat the previouse step!

Step 9

Right-click anywhere on the gray area between frame 1 and 60, frame 60 and 65, frame 65 and 70 and frame 70 and 105 on the timeline and choose Create Motion Tween from the menu that appears.

That's it!

Please enjoy!

Download example

________________________Lesson Flash - source: www.tutorialized.com_____________

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