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Designing  Online Learning  with Flash

1. Introduction:

Designing  Online Learning  with Flash - Unfortunately, skilled Flash programmers are rare, and knowledgeable instructional designers are rarer still. If you develop those skills, you will find yourself in demand in the job market. Few small organizations have  the luxury of hiring entire teams for online learning development. As an  online learning professional, you have to be prepared to perform multiple  functions. At the very least, you will need to know enough about these two  online learning core specialties to know the needs of both. To be an effective online learning team member or project manager, you need to have some  experience with both skill sets.
Unfortunately, most online learning texts  do not address both areas. This book integrates them and gets you started,  simultaneously, on instructional design and Flash development. If you have experience with neither instructional design nor Flash, you will learn the basics of both in the pages that follow. If you are an experienced instructional designer, you will benefit from seeing how those ideas are applied to Flash. In this text, instructional design techniques have been presented specifically to take advantage of the affor dances offered by online learning. If you are an experienced Flash developer, the presentation of instructional design  ideas should broaden the type of applications you are prepared to construct.

These techniques have been organized into three broad areas: planning, presentation, and practice. All of the instruction that you develop for online learning derives from careful planning. Planning leads to the selection of strategies for presentation and practice. The strategies presented in this text
align with the human memory structure, which includes sensory memory, working memory, and long - term memory. These functions directly relate to the learning domains (Facts, Concepts, Principles, and Procedures). You need to perform specific functions in each of these areas to ensure you create a quality online instructional experience. By placing the Flash techniques within the context of specific strategies supporting specifc learning domains you should find the learn process straightforward.  
Preface  In this book, you will be learning about both instructional design and Flash. Instructional design is  “ the process by which information is systematically mapped, categorized, and organized to facilitate the transmission of  information or skills to people ”  (Winters, 2008), while Flash  “ is the  leading application for creating and delivering interactive content to audiences around the world, regardless of platform ”  (Adobe, 2008). These are both large topics, too large to be dealt with comprehensible in a single volume. Flash topics such as Action Script, software integration, and database connectivity have been set aside. Likewise, details of the instructional design process, such as a review of the many instructional models, as been left out. What is left is a concise and practical presentation of the most important  elements from both domains and demonstration of how the two support one another to produce online learning. Both Flash and instructional design are critical to the creation of online learning and as such should be introduced
to you simultaneously.

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