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Saturday, 31 March 2012 23:51

Lesson 13: Using Free Transform tool to warp and distort an object in Flash CS3

Lesson 13: Using Free Transform tool to warp and distort an object in Flash CS3 - Today, in this lesson, http://lessonflash.com will help you using  the Free Transform tool’s skew and envelope features to warp and distort an object or shape, which is useful for creating morphed elements for animations. The skew feature allows you to  distort an object by slanting it on one or both axes. The Envelope modifier allows you to enclose the object with edit points, then use the points to control the shape.

A. Watch it! Learn it

B. Read it and do it

There are a number of ways to change the scale or size of graphics in Flash. The Free Transform tool position on Toolbar allows you to interactively scale and rotate any selected object or shape on the Stage. Nearly every object in Flash can be transformed with these two functions of the Free Transform tool including groups, symbols, text, bitmaps, and editable shapes. The Free Transform tool allows you to select an object on the Stage and then interactively change its size or rotate it freely. Both options are available at once depending on where you place your mouse on the bounding box that appears.

1. Free Transform Tool to Skew an Object

Step 1: -  Select the object you want to distort.
2 Click Free Transform Tool . Flash surrounds the object with handles.
3 Click the Rotate and Skew modifier.
Note: See the task “Rotate and Flip Objects” to learn how to rotate an object on the Stage.
4 Click and drag an edge of the object to skew the object shape ( selection tool  changes to Rotate and Flip Objects ).
5 Release the mouse button. Flash skews the object.

2. Free Transform Tool Envelope a Shape

1 Select the shape.
2 Click  Free Transform Tool .
- Flash surrounds the object with edit points.
3 Click the Envelope modifier.
4 Click and drag a handle to change the object shape. An outline of the object appears as you drag.
5 Release the mouse button. Flash reshapes the object

3. How do I distort text in Flash?

Using the Break Apart command, you can break apart the strokes and fills that make up the letters in a word or words, and then use the Envelope modifier to distort the shape of the text. To do so, click in the text box, then click Modify, Break Apart. Repeat this step two more times, then you can apply the Envelope modifier.

4. What types of edit points does the Envelope modifier use?

The Envelope modifier uses two types of edit points: regular edit points and tangent handles. Regular edit points are square, and when manipulated can change the corners and sides of an object. Tangent handles are circles that adjust additional points along the edges of a selected object. You can only use the Envelope modifier to change shapes you create in Flash. You cannot use the feature to alter symbols, bitmaps, text boxes, or video objects. You can learn how to use the rotate portion of the  feature in the section“Rotate and Flip Objects."

C. Down it and fix it!

Download this Tutorial .doc Download this file .Fla

Good luck to you!


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