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Saturday, 31 March 2012 09:27

Lesson 14: Using Eraser Tool  in Flash CS3

Lesson 14: Using Eraser Tool  in Flash CS3 - You can use the Eraser tool to erase stray parts of a drawing or object, or you can use it to create new shapes within an object. The Eraser tool has several modifiers you can use to control how the tool works.

A. Watch it! Learn it

B. Read it and do it
Use the Eraser tool to erase strokes and fills on the Stage level. You cannot erase grouped objects, symbols, or text blocks unless you apply the Break Apart command and make the items part of the Stage level rather than the overlay level.
1. Using Eraser Tool  in Flash CS3

Step 1: - Click the Eraser tool .
+ For a quick erase of entire lines or fills,you can click the Faucet modifier and then click the item you want to erase.
Step 2: - Click the Eraser Shape modifier .
Step 3: - Click a size or shape for the Eraser.
Step 4: - Click and drag to begin erasing.
Step 5: - Release the mouse button when finished erasing. An eraser path marks everywhere you dragged over the object.

2. What do the Eraser modifiers do?
You can use one of five modifiers with the Eraser tool:
Erase Normal : Lets you erase over anything on the Stage
Erase Fills : Erases inside fill areas but not lines
Erase Lines : Erases only lines
Erase Selected Fills : Does just that—erases only the selected fill
Erase Inside : Erases only inside the selected area

C. Down it and fix it!

Download this Tutorial .doc Download this file .Fla

Good luck to you!


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