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Friday, 30 March 2012 16:14

Lesson 6: How to Draw Shapes in Flash CS3

Lesson 6: How to Draw Shapes in Flash CS3 - You can create simple shapes in Flash and then fill them with a color or pattern or use them as part of a drawing. You can create shapes using many of the tools on the Tools panel, but for more uniform  shapes, such as circles, ovals, squares, and rectangles, you can use the Rectangle, Oval, or Poly Star tools.

A. Watch it! Learn it

B. Read it and do it
1: Draw an Empty Shape

1.    Click the Oval tool.
2.    Move the cursor over the Stage area. Clicking the No Color button.
3.    Click and drag to draw the shape you want.
4.    Release the mouse button.

2: Draw a Shape with a Fill Color

1.    Click Rectangle tool.
2.    Click the Fill Color tool. The Fill Color palette opens.
3.    Click a fill color.
4.    Click and drag to draw the shape. Release the mouse button.

3: Draw a Rectangle with Rounded Corners

1.    Click the Rectangle tool.
2.    Click the Round option in the Options area of the toolbar.
3.    The Rectangle Settings dialog box appears. Type a corner radius setting, with zero creating straight corners.
4.    Click OK. Draw a rectangle.

4. How do I draw a rectangle with rounded corners?
You can use the Property inspector to modify the corners of a rectangle shape. If the Property inspector is not open, press Ctrl+ F3 . Change the Rectangle Corner Radius setting to create the type of rounded corners you want for the shape. Drag the slider control up to designate how much curvature you want for the corners, or drag the slider down to create inverted corners.

5. How can I change the number of sides for a polygon shape?

If you use the Poly Star tool to draw a shape, you can change the number of sides for the shape through the Property inspector panel. Simply click the Poly Star tool, then click the Options button in the Property inspector panel. This opens the Tool Settings dialog box, and you can change the number of sides for the shape.

C. Down it and fix it!

Download this Tutorial .doc Download this file .Fla

Good luck to you!


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