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Friday, 30 March 2012 11:26

Lesson 4: How to Use  the Flash Tools in Flash CS3

Lesson 4: How to Use  the Flash Tools in Flash CS3 -After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:
•    Introduction to Flash Objects
•    Using the Flash Tools
•    Draw Line Segments
•    Draw Lines with the Pen Tool
•    Draw Shapes
•    Draw Objects with the Brush Tool
•    Fill Objects with the Paint Bucket Tool

A. Watch it! Learn it

B. Read it and do it

1. Introduction

Lesson 4: How to Use  the Flash Tools in Flash CS3 - Packed with tools, the Tools panel helps you create and work with graphic and text objects. By default, it appears docked on the far-left side of the program window. To hide the Tools panel at any time, click Window, then Tools. You can also expand or collapse the tools by clicking the arrows at the top of the panel.

2. 14 Flash tools are always used in Flash CS3

2.1. Selection : - Also called the Pointer or Arrow tool, you can use this tool to grab, select, and move items on the Stage.

2.2. Free Transform:- Use this tool to scale, rotate, or skew a selected item. This tool shares space with the Gradient Transform tool on the panel.
2.3. Pen: - Use this tool to draw precise curves. When you click the button’s     , you can control anchor points.

2.4. Line: - Use this tool to draw straight lines.

2.5. Pencil: - Use this tool to draw free-form lines.
6. Ink Bottle: Use this tool to change the style, thickness, and color of lines.

2.7. Eyedropper: - Use this tool to copy the attributes of one object to another.

2.8 - Subselection: Displays edit points you can adjust to change a line’s shape.

2.9. Lasso:  - Use this tool to select irregularly shaped objects on the Stage.

2.10.Text: - Use this tool to draw text boxes or edit text.

2.11. Rectangle: - Use this tool to draw square and rectangle shapes. This tool shares space on the Tools panel with the  Oval, Rectangle Primitive, Oval Primitive, and PolyStar tools..

2.12. Brush: - Use this tool to draw with a fill color, much like a paintbrush.

2.13. Paint Bucket: - This tool fills shapes or lines with color.

2.14. Eraser: - This tool erases parts of a graphic object.

3. View tool

View Tools

+ HAND :Use to move your view of the objects on the Stage or in the work area.
+ ZOOM : Magnifies your view or zooms out for a better look at the Stage.

4. Option tools
Some of the drawing tools you select might offer modifiers that enable you to set additional controls for the tool.

5. Color tools And Controls

Color Tools and Controls :
STROKE COLOR: Click to display a palette of colors for strokes, or lines.
FILL COLOR: Click to display a palette of colors for fills.
BLACK AND WHITE: Changes the line color to black and the fill color to white.
SWAP COLORS: Switches the line color to the fill color and vice versa.
NO COLOR :Use to draw shapes without fill colors.

C. Down it and fix it!

Download this Tutorial .doc Download this file .Fla

Good luck to you!


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