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Friday, 30 March 2012 10:39

Lesson 3: How to create a Graphic Symbols in Flash CS3

Lesson 3: How to create a Graphic Symbols in Flash CS3 - Symbols in Flash CS3 are an important concept to understand. There are 3 types of symbols - Movie clip, Button and Graphic. It is best to create symbols for everything that you put on the stage so that it is easy to manage and manipulate. All symbols will appear in the Library.

A. Watch it! Learn it

B. Read it and do it

1. How to open a new file in Flash CS3 Professional

You can easily turn any object you draw on the Flash Stage into a symbol you can reuse throughout your project. You can also convert any existing drawing or graphical element into a symbol. When you save an item as a symbol, Flash stores it in the file’s Library. When you reuse the symbol, you are using an instance or copy of the original symbol.

There are three types of behaviors you can assign to a symbol: graphic, movie clip, or button. The behavior you assign depends on what you want to do with the symbol.

1. How to convert an object to a symbol in Flash CS3 Professional

Step1 -  Select all the objects on the Stage you want to convert into a symbol.
To select multiple objects, you can press and hold down  while clicking on each object.

Step 2 - Click Modify

Step 3 - Click Convert to Symbol. (Note: You can also press     F8   to quickly convert to a symbol.The Convert to Symbol dialog box appears.)

Step 4 - Type a unique name for the symbol.

Step 5 - Select a behavior type to assign to the symbol (  O    changes to      ).

Step 6 - Click OK.

Flash adds the symbol to the file’s Library.

2. How to Preview the Symbol

Step 1 - . Open the Library panel.  (Note: See the section “Using the Flash Library” to learn how to open the Library panel)

Step 2 - Click the symbol name.(The symbol appears in the top section of the Library panel.)

C. Down it and fix it!

Download this Tutorial .doc Download this file .Fla

Good luck to you!


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