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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 10:58


How to Create a Quiz with Free Quiz Template in Adobe Flash

The quiz template is included in Flash MX and later versions, and it is designed to track results automatically and send them to a learning management system (LMS) with SCORM and AICC compliance. Making good use of these built-in quiz templates and you can create compelling and interactive Flash quizzes.

First of all, you can download a 30 day trial version of Adobe Flash from the Adobe's official website (http://www.adobe.com/downloads/) and have it installed in your computer (if you don't have Adobe Flash).

Step 1. Create a new Flash document choosing the existing Quiz Template.
File > New > Templates tab > Quiz Category > Modern Photo Quiz_style2 Template

new from template


Step 2. A fully functional quiz with quiz templates of Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blank, Hot Objects, Hot Spot, Multiple Choice, and True or False, will open.



Step 3. Edit the questions and answers
Edit your questions and answers in this project.

Step 4. Test the movie
Control > Test Movie

Step 5. Save the Flash document, giving it a name.
File > Save

- Customize Quiz Template

For detailed instructions on how to edit the quiz template to your requirements, learn the official Flash quiz template tutorial at http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/applications/quiz_tutorial/.

Adding More questions in Flash Project

You can add any question types as a single quiz (e.g. true or false) into your newly created Flash document at any time.

Step 1. If you want to insert a single qustion as learning interaction, you can just do it like this:
Window > Common Libraries > Learning Interactions

Step 2. A library of the various learning interactions will open up. Drag the one you want onto the stage.


Alternative Flash Quiz Solution

As we know, not every user can use Flash programming perfectly to create quizzes. However, there are some rapid quiz authoring tools like Wondershare QuizCreator to help you make Flash quizzes in an really easy way.

You don’t have to know anything about Flash ActionScript. This Flash quiz maker provides Form-based editing mode for you to do the creation and settings. Open a question type and a window with a preset form will pop up. Fill the blanks from field to field and you can preview the test instantly to check the effect.

Check how easily you can create a Flash Quiz >>


Form-based editing mode


For more knowledge about using Adobe Flash , please refer to Adobe Flash Support Center:

For more knowledge about using QuizCreator , please refer to Wondershare QuizCreator Learning center:

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